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News Are you against or in favour of the USA suggestion

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    Russia and Iran has just signed an agreement for: producing nuclear weapons, in an old nuclear plant which was projected by the Russians many years before and is situated in Iran.after the nuclear plant(Bushehrit) will be able to produce an energy equal to 1000 megavat.
    The main question is if Iran will do only that, they are planning to reconstruct other nuclear plants for production of Uranium, which will favour the creation of Nuclear Weapons
    After that decision the USA suggested that Russia should not participate in the Next Meeting of G8, is it fair what do you think...
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    I think it would be fair as long as everyone in the g8 gets to vote on it. I do not think that the USA should be able to just exlcude someone out because they are not doing what is in the interest of the US. Although, if the US did put up such a vote it would probably get passed just because the US has such a huge influence.
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    Would hope the issues were addressed rather than exercising useless spanking. Many parts of the world are grumpy enough towards the US as it is.
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    I disagree with this assertion. The USA does not have nearly enough influence to counterbalance not only Russia's, but anyone who sees this as another attempt of the USA to turn the rest of the world into their *****es... So the entire world.

    No, there's a reason the USA has used more Vetos than anyone else on the security council, and that's because no one ever agrees with her on these things.
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    You are probably right, I do not know much about the g8
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    America has no right to interfere, in my view.
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    How did USA decide for G8, Is USA G8 ? Or did it force it, if it did then I see it as an act of Blackmailing. By such actions USA will suffer 10 years down the line. They think they are still in the 80's. They are not elected as incharge to decide for the world Let the UN do that.
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    Would anything prevent a parallel G7 to take place? One that included Russia and excluded the US? This possibility is probably why this US suggestion can only be that, a suggestion.
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