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Argentina vs Germany

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    Germany win 4-2 on penalties. What a sad way to exit a wc :frown:
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    I was not rooting for any particular side, but as soon as the match started I wanted Argentina to win. Terrible end to a dynamic team.
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    What caused the violence after the match?

    Couldn't understand whether it was a simply unsportsmanship act from Argentina or a caused row from Germany.
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    So Germany against Brazil looks like a possible matchup. Nice goal by Miroslav Klose.
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    Der Mannschaft, aren't they something or are they something...This crew is good...What a proud and courageous team, no ???

    The Klöse goal, the entire second half...(granted, they played way too defensive in the first half but they regained faith and went all the way)I really think that the Argentina goal actually triggered their victory. They wanted the penalties more than Argentina because it is thei specialty. I think that prior to today's match, they had 4 WCup matches to conclude with penalties and won all 4 of them.

    I really hope that some members here (well one to be exact) will now be a bit more serious and especially more mature about judging this great team. I do think that in the end, they have proven their value.

    I don't really know the history behind the unjust Argentina agression at the end but most likely it was just a manifestation of frustration. Anyhow, who cares ???

    So, on to the next round...GO GO GERMANY...

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    Well, given the result, it's most likely that the first option is the correct one.
    But i must admit i did not pay any attention to that because i (and some 10 other people) was too busy enjoying the victory.

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    In the World Cup Germany won against France on penalties in 82 (5-4 on the 6th), (4-1) against Mexico in 86, against England in 90, and now against Argentina in '06.

    The German team has succesfully converted all but one penalty kick taken to determine the result of a World Cup game. Germany is undefeated in World Cup games deterimined by Penalty kicks.

    In the Eurpean championship Germany lost the 1976 EM final on penalities (missing one), and won on penalities against Engald in '96 (converting 6 of 6) .
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    Thanks Nate, for the update. I did not know Germany's results that specifically.

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    Fight fight fight!

    Glad Germany won, now we get to whoop them in the final! Woooop!
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    If you are not a German citizen then : THAT MAKES TWO OF US :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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    I was hoping to see the hand of ballack :) would have been so satisfying

    Can't wait for the final.... Crystal ball time i think .... England 4 . Germany 2

    Hmmm 4. 2 that sounds very familiar.
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    lets just do the whole manager bashing thing for a minute, why the hell wasnt messi brought on instead of cambiasso. portugal to win becasue fance are the reason ireland arnt there, the irish dont like the english football team, brazil is just too obvious anditaly are flukey!!!
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    You certainly dream out loud.
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    Probably, I thrilled when the Argentinian player got a yellow card for his dive, personally I'd juest send them off and get sent home after making a point, but that's just me.

    I'm not surprised to see the Argies up to their old tricks though, they are renowned for playing this way, and no doubt the ref was keeping a close eye for any shenanigans; so Germany didn't apreciate the lack of sportmanship shown by Argentina I think, could be wrong maybe one of the Argentinian players shouted yo mama at one of the Germans:smile:

    Argentina are a lot more subtle about there penalty/sending off hunting than they were 4 years ago. Then they needed emergency treatment for nearly every foul :rolleyes:

    As for England, I'm pessimistic about whether we can beat Portugal going on past performance, maybe we will raise our game to the required level finally! Maybe we're coasting like Brazil. A friend told me that in the world cup of '66 we played very ordinary up until the final, maybe there's a method to this slightly banal madness?
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    Hmmm The forum wont let me start one for England vs portugal, why? . someone do the honours please.
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  18. Jul 1, 2006 #17
    yes for most of the tournament England were rubbish.

    However the team finally showed how good they were during the semi finals England VS Portugal.

    We won of course , 2.1 against a very good Portuguese team
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    George Jones

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    Was it a good game, Mr. Wells.
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    yes I think so,ive got it on dvd , black and white though.
  21. Jul 2, 2006 #20
    Glad that Germany and Italy won. It will be nice to see if Italy's "skill" holds up against a little home-town reffing.

    I turned on the Italy-Ukraine match right at halftime, and the first thing I saw was a montage of Italian players flopping to the ground in the first half. Haha, classic.

    I was very disappointed in Portugal. I lost count of how many times one of their players fell to the ground grabbing his face even though replay revealed he wasn't even touched.

    Rooting for Germany-France final.
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