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Artificial Intelligence

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    In terms of Computers and Technology, Artificial Intelligence is the next step. Now A friend of mine and I are forming a team, to say the least, to create an AI that will perform the functions and tasks requested of it. For specifics or if you are interested Private Message me. I am also opening this thread for anyone who has questions or a tingling curiosity.

    For reference material, thanks to Michael Gasser and the Indiana University, go to:
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    im not trying to be snide, but whats the point, just to do it?
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    The best way to learn is through doing it.
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    Good luck. Top-down or bottom-up? Or both?
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    Trying to develop a working BackPropagation-Code Model. I have most of the math and theory down... just having trouble with making a suitable Virtual Environment and Input-Output system for the AI... I may have to scrap the BP idea for now.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backpropagation" [Broken]
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