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ASTM A997 structural steel properties

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    Is there any way I can find out the properties [without having access to the beam itself] of the ASTM A997 beam without subscribing to ASTM?

    Specifically what I am interested in is the weight per foot.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    A 997 is for investment castings. Are you sure you don't mean A992?
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    Oppsie! Yes, I meant A992.
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    ASTM A992 covers the material composition and mechanical properties required. It does not make any specification for the particular cross section requirements. That is in something like ASTM A6. Do you have a particular beam in mind? But to not split hairs, A992 is going to weigh the same as A36 or any similar steels.
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    Could you give me a brief explanation of how ASTM is set up? I was under the impression ASTM A992 was referring to a particular beam (like a Wx22 for instance,+whatever material).

    The only information I was suplied was the beams that are going to be used comply with ASTM A992 and F_y=50ksi

    Is the F_y its yield strength?
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    The specs are VERY specific and usually narrow in scope. In this case, the A992 is only for the chemical composition that makes the alloy and the required mechanical properties of that particular alloy. So for A992, there are 2 tables called out; Table 1 is the chemical requirements and Table 2 is the tensile requirements.

    Fy is yield strength, but for A992 it is 50-65 ksi at room temp.

    ASTM A6/A 6M is a more of a standard that covers the allowable fabrication specs for shapes.
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    Starwatcher16: I agree with the posts by FredGarvin. The density of ASTM A992 steel is 7850 kg/m^3. When a tensile yield strength range is given in a material specification, the tensile yield strength for design and analysis is regarded to be the minimum value in that range, which is 345 MPa (50 ksi) for ASTM A992 steel. And the tensile ultimate strength is 450 MPa. These values are applicable from below room temperature up to 400 deg C.
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