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Astronomy Help

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    I missed this class the other day and my prof isn't answering his email right now so I thought I'd ask it here.

    I want the answer to the question, but really I'm looking for the relationship between the values.

    Q: A star located 135 degrees from the solar apex on the celestial spehe is at rest in the LSR 15pc from the sun, whose radial velocity with respect to the sun may be taken to be 20km/s. As seen from the sun, (a) what is the star's radial velocity; (b) how many seconds of arc will this star appear to move on the celestial sphere in ten years; (c) in what direction will it move

    So really what I'm asking here is what the relationship between radial velocity and angular separation from the solar apex is and how to apply that to parts b and c.

    Thanks for any assistance.
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