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Atlas, next gen robot from Boston Dynamics

  1. Feb 23, 2016 #1
    Some really impressive movement!

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  3. Feb 23, 2016 #2
    It's things like this that make be believe that while the last generation saw the rise of computers, our new generation will see the rise of robots. I'm seeing exciting advances in robotics all the time (though some have expressed their...concerns about robot intelligence, e.g. Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking).

    Though I must admit, I felt a little bad for that robot near the end of the video. That's the kind of thing that'll cause the robot uprisings.
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  4. Feb 23, 2016 #3
    That's what I was thinking too! Don't make it's memory chip too big! :nb):biggrin:
  5. Feb 26, 2016 #4
    Me too. Isn't it odd how quick we are to anthropomorphize (how many chances to you get to write that word out) things, like swearing at your toaster for burning your croissant.

    But seriously, that video will be part of the robot propoganda campaign.

    Fun article from Waitbutwhy
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