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Atmosphere and gravity

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    hello, how come moon is too small to hold any atmosphere and titan has so much atmosphere?
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    The moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and for that matter Uranus and Neptune are quite cold because of their distance from the sun. Temperature means that gas molecules do not necessarily achieve escape velocity even in a weak gravitational fields. The further away, the colder the ambient temperature.

    Titan (Saturn's largest moon)
    Mass 1/45 that of Earth (1.3455 x 1023 kg)
    Surface temperature 94K (-180 °C)
    Atmospheric pressure at surface 1500 mbar (1.5 times Earth's)



    Earth's moon
    Mass 7.3483 x 1022 kg

    Minimum/Maximum Surface Temperature
    Metric: -233/123 °C
    English: -387/253 °F
    SI: 40/396 K
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    thanks a lot for such a clear answer
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