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Automobile Deceleration Problem

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    Hey! I have this question that I can't find the answer to anywhere!

    The Brakes of an automobile can decelerate at 6.00 m/s2. a) How many seconds are required to stop the automobile if it is traveling at a rate of 27.0 m/s? b) How many meters does the automobile travel during this deceleration? :frown: Can you help me please....I'm lost!
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    A deceleration of 6m/2^2 means that every second the velocity decreases by 6m/s. When something travels at 27m/2 I hope you can figure out after how many seconds the velocity is zero...

    For the amount of metres traveled you can use following formula for constant acceleration a for a time t

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    what is the thing that you are not getting through, because the question is very easy and you just have to apply formulae. you will get seperate help if you think you need clarity in a concept. but for that you will have to express yourself
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