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Automobile turn signal isolated circuit

  1. Jul 24, 2011 #1
    How many out there have hearing problems? Can you suggest a way to add heads up display to a noisy sports car? Old sports car I am constructing uses one light bulb [on each side, at the rear] to indicate 1. turnsignal 2. braking 3. nighttime driving. I figure, if I can create a separated circuit to pick up fluctuating current on and current off, I can use this sensor to light a bulb nearer to my field of view.
    My idea on capturing fluctuating turnsignal is to put a coil in the existing circuit to make a fluctuating magnetic field. This would induce a current in an intertwined coil. That would be one level of isolation. Second, the output of the second coil would enter a relay to switch on and off a light in my field of view.
    Will this work? what type of coils would i need. what type of relay would I use [momentary to momentary???]
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