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Autoreel/Autowind/Tether System

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    I am looking for a tether system so I can make a connection to the seabed from the sea surface. Does a system like these exist as I do not know what they are called or how would one make such a system.

    The tether would need to auto adjust depending on the depth and movement to keep the tether relatively tight kind of like a winch but allowing freedom of movement on the other end.
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    This is called an anchor. Due to the nature of the sea bed, anchors with tight cables tend to fail under the transient loads caused by surface waves so most anchor cables are very long (typically at least three times the depth) so there is no need to adjust the length for the relatively minor depth changes experienced in open sea.
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    Thanks for replying. It has to auto reel in similar to that of a vacuum cleaner cord or a tape measure. Length of cord must be about 20 metres plus. Is this possible? Or do I need electric motors for this?
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    What are you trying to install?
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    Electric winches are commonly used to retrieve anchors.
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    Yes but they do not allow freedom of movement and would seize when force is pulling cord away.
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    In practical anchoring systems freedom of movement is provided by the weight of the anchor chain. This may be augmented by using a "chum" or "angel".

    Use a search engine to learn how anchoring systems work and why they work that way before you try to come up with a new design.
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    Ok I will do thanks.
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