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Average shear stress in going between a spliced rod?

  1. Jan 28, 2014 #1
    Problem statement:
    Two 3/4-in.-diameter nylon rods are spliced together by gluing a 2-in. section of plastic pipe over the rod ends, as shown in the figure. If a tensile force of P = 500 lb is applied to the spliced nylon rod, what is the average shear stress in the glue going between the pipe and rods?


    I need help with this problem. I know that {average shear stress} = {force} / {area}. But I am very confused when you take into account this splicing! Thank you in advance!
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    Can you articulate in words what's happening here? For example, what forces are acting on each of the two rods (treated as free bodies)? What is the glue doing?

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    I'm assuming there's some adhesive force acting on the rods, as well as P?? But I'm not sure...
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