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Bank Strong room (Vault) special HVAC requirements

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    I'm designing the HVAC system for a bank.
    What are the special cooling and ventilation requirements that go into the bank(specifically the vault ventilation) and where can i find resources regarding the subject.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like a rather very specialised subject, which means this forum probably isn't the best place to ask.

    Do they store fragile papers or artwork? In safe deposit boxes?
    Perhaps ask the banks insurance company if they have any requirements?
    I don't recommend large diameter ducts!
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    Seems like for such a project, there should be some construction specifications lying around somewhere. I can't believe that someone has the gall to say "Build me a Bank. Let it be written; let it be done!" with no further thought.

    As a first thought, consult local commercial building codes.

    Second stop, consult with ASHRAE for any special guides or codes on the subject.


    Third stop, vault construction is a specialized activity unto itself. You may need to discuss ventilation requirements with the vault vendor.
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    Limited experience here, but most regional/provincial/state/national jurisdictions specify the HVAC standards that must be conformed to. As Steamking mentioned. ASHRAE is very common. Furthermore, there are aspects of the design that are left up to the designer/engineer in which case experience from a competent professional is required.
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    That's terrible advice. All vault systems must be sized to allow access to Tom Cruise.


    PS: extra credit for novel use of lasers.
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