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Basic fountain design - recommendations

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm interested in making a basic 3d fountain design using some of the software in my lab, mainly to start developing intuition in using such software.

    Would Creo or Inventor be better for the setup? Also, if I wanted to test the water flow through the fountain at different pumping powers, what would be a good software to do that (and can it import a Creo/Inventor model)? Or would CFD be the way for that?

    Thank you!
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    I vote Inventor for design........ but I have no idea about testing the actual water flow.
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    Honestly I think you're better off analyzing water flow using analytical modeling in this case. Flow between the pump and nozzle would be fairly normal for analytical techniques, and after it leaves the nozzle most CFD codes will take some gymnastics to converge on anything approaching a "real " solution.

    That, plus CFD can tend to be a black art for anyone not familiar with it. As with all analysis software, just because you made a pretty picture doesn't mean it has any basis in reality...
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