Basic Physics Heat Change Problem

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How much heat is released freezing 75 grams of steam at 110 degrees celcius into ice at -5.1 degree celcius

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I tried to do this problem but got an answer like -17101.6J. I don't need you guys to give me an answer but can you suggest how to setup a problem like this? I know would the 2 phase changes (steam to liquid, liquid to solid) =0?

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Several parts:
- cooling the steam
- condensing the steam to water
- cooling the water to freezing point
- freezing
- cooling the ice
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So would I have (Msteam*Lheatsteam)+(Mwater*Lheatwater)+(Mice*Lheatice)+(Mice*Sice+change in temp ice)=0?
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(Mice*Sice+change in temp ice)=0?
Certainly not equal to zero - equal to the heat released that you are trying to find.

I don't know what "Sice" means. I would say
M*C*ΔT for each of the three coolings, where M is the mass, C the heat capacity per kg per degree and ΔT the change in temperature.