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Battery and a speaker in close proximity?

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    Greetings, in a small project I'm doing, I need to have a small speaker literally touching the outside of a lithium-Ion battery. Will there be any negative results to these devices being in such close proximity? e.g. noise introduced into the speaker, or odd behavior induced upon the battery? If not, cool, but if so, what options do I have to prevent undesireable interaction?

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    hi tetra

    no not likely from the things you mentioned.
    The only thing I would be worried about would be movement friction between the 2 items and that may wear through the plastic covering of the battery
    2 possible ways to help avoid this would be
    1) a thin layer of Teflon strip between the 2 items
    2) gluing the speaker to the battery --- hot glue etc

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    Cool! Thanks Dave.
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