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Battery charging of cell phone using solar energy

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    hi............ i have a thought in advance, that i can charge my cell phone through solar energy itself . actually im doing my activities regarding that... giva me some suggestions which is helpful for me.. and i want to know why this is still not in market..my project is reasonable or not ?...
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    It doesn't make sense cost wise. You will spend far far more on a panel and the control electronics than you will ever save from not using the mains. The energy involved is pretty small.

    Say it a 5 watt-hour battery and even with an inefficient charger which takes 10 watt-hours from the mains to charge the battery you would have to charge the phone 100 times to use to use 1 KWh. At UK prices a KWh costs about 12 pence (24 cents US?)
    You would probably do far less than 100 charges in a year.

    Your solar power would be 100's of times more expensive than mains power.

    It is only of any use if there is no other source of power.
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