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Beam deflection in a cantilever beam

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    I need help finding the equation for a 25ft cantilever beam deflection where the beam has an even distributed load of 3000 lbs/ft and also has concentrated loads of 4000lbs 8ft from the clamped end and 5000lbs 18ft from the clamped end. A generic equation from a Roark table would do, but I am having trouble finding one. Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.
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    What you are going to need to do is split the beam up into three different problems:

    1) Cantilever beam with distributed load
    2) Cantilever beam with concentrated load at 8 ft
    3) Cantilever beam with concentrated load at 25 ft

    Find the deflection profile for each of these cases and then add them all together. The deflection profile can be found in the back of any mechanics of materials book.

    Hope this helps,

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    yes, that helps me alot. Thank you very much.
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    no problem
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