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Beam with a moment

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    i have a beam with no constraints. Now i apply a moment at some point in the beam. Now am i correct to say that i need not fix the end of the beam(like a beam inserted in to a wall). instead i could support the end of the beam like a simply supported beam.

    because a moment tries to rotate the object with the axis as the point of application of moment. I can always prevent rotation by applying force at some other point(simulating like a simply supported beam).

    This disproves the theory that the moment applied at some point of the beam should be supported by a moment at the end of the beam. Instead the beam can be supported by a force at the end of the beam
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    What theory is this?

    If you only support the beam by one end, and the support is not embedded (inserted in a wall), then your system is not stable. More equations than unknowns.
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