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Beginner at physics

  1. Oct 26, 2011 #1
    Took A-level physics when I was younger but flunked because I was lazy. Now I'm a bit older I'm interested in learning again, but am looking for something a bit more comprehensive and wide-ranging than "exam-passing" condensed textbooks. Can anyone recommend a proper textbook that introduces you to physics in a more full way? Thanks
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    There are quite a few that are very readable and contain much more than any of the A level courses ever demand. You really need to steer clear of the books which are aimed at a specific course. They tend to leave out chunks just where it becomes interesting.
    'Understanding Physics" by Jim Breithaupt (Thornes) is full of good stuff and will make you think (!!) which is what you presumably want. Most of the publishing houses seems to have similar books. I just hope it stays that way. All the A level courses are so attenuated and specific (a special book for each exam board course is only about a tenner) that the sales of 'proper' books (at thirty quid or so) may not justify printing them in the future.
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    Thanks for the info, there appear to be 2 "Understanding Physics" by Jim Breithaupt. The first is £5.99 on ebay and is described as roughly 100 pages. The other is New Understanding Physics for Advanced Level which appears to be longer and is around £30. Links are below

    Understanding physics:


    New Understanding Physics for Advanced Level:

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    It's the 34 quid one that I chose.
    I would, actually, recommend going onto your local bookstore and looking at a number of them and choosing the one that you fancy most, in that price bracket. If you like one presentation more than others then you may, just, feel more like reading it when the going gets tough - which it will.
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    I had a couple textbooks by an author named wolfson. They were well thought out and easy to learn from.
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