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Best book reference for studying quantum physics

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    Dear mates:

    Please recommend me the best book for studying quantum physics.

    With all the best

    Marco Uscanga
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    There are good free introductory notes by Braam Gaasbeek: http://arxiv.org/abs/1007.4184.

    You can use any standard texts like French and Taylor, Griffiths, Zettili etc to start.

    After that take a look at Shankar, Sakurai and Napolitano, and Nielsen and Chuang.

    And after that take a look at Landau and Lifshitz or Weinberg.

    Of course you don't have to read them in that order.
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    Quantum physics, or quantum mechanics?

    For an introduction to quantum physics I recommend:
    Quantum Physics (Berkeley Physics Course, Volume 4), by Eyvind H. Wichmann.
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    Here I've seen a lot of people referring to Balentine's book.... I guess it's good for more advanced QM....
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    IMHO it is indeed the best graduate level text and had a strong effect on me.

    But be clear - introductory it aren't.

    At an introductory level I recommend Susskind:

    There are also video lectures to go with it.

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    Good question, it is always useful to distinguish these two different but related topics.

    My recommendation is Eisberg Resnick:

    For a modern introduction to quantum mechanics, I recommend Schumacher Westmoreland:
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    My personal favorite for beginners:
    Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, by D.Griffiths

    Very nice and intuitive guide though all the key concepts of quantum mechanics, especially in the first two chapters where it becomes clear what QM is actually all about! It also provides numerous examples and problems so you can practice your understanding.
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    I am reading Cohen-Tannoudji and I strongly recommend it.
    It is complete and precise, but of course not easy to understand
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