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Best Circuit simulation Software?

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    I recently downloaded LTSpice IV to use for testing circuits. Before I start to really learn the software I'd like to know if it's what I should be using or if there's something better. Basically I'm just testing simple circuits, but I do need the software to have a virtual oscilloscope.
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    Well, I can't speak for others, but I learned LTSpice. It works good. You get waveform like on the oscilloscope. For normal frequency stuff, I get everything I want from LTSpice.
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    I agree.

    This program is easy to use, fast, accurate and free.

    And, it is fun to use.

    I visit the yahoo LTSpice Group and the experts there get amazing results by direct programming.

    I just use it to confirm (or deny) results I get with a calculator or sometimes to teach me how a circuit will work.
    Sometimes I use it just because it is fun to use.

    Here is an example where I varied the gain of a transistor by use of a direct command:
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4222062/LTSpice%20example.PNG [Broken]
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    Thanks for the advice. I figured LTSpice was the standard. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing out on anything before I started learning it.
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    Learn it, it's easy. Two or three posts from vk6kro helping me, I was on my merry way already. Any question, just post here.
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    I need a simple square waveform generator circuit that uses opamps
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    Thanks a lot
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