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Best Computational Software

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    I am student of BS Mechanical first year. I want to which is the best computational software for this level, i.e. Mathematica, Matlab or Maple any other?
    Thank You
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    Mathematica and Maple are not really the same type of software as Matlab. You will absolutely want Matlab. I (along with pretty much everyone I know) use it extensively and I have ever since undergrad. Mathematica and Maple can be useful but you will have to get someone else's opinion, as I have very limited experience with them.
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    Octave is the same as Matlab, except free.
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    For a 1st year I would recommend MathCAD
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    MathCAD is great, but lacks some fundamental features that are very easy to use with Matlab. MathCAD is easy to use, and has a great interface, but is terrible at solving systems of equations.
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