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Best linear algebra book

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    What would the best linear algebra book be?

    I'm looking for one that has alot of expositition and tries to get the underlying concepts across.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I used Linear algebra by David C lay when I took my first course in that subject. I don't think its too bad of a text.
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    try hoffman and kunze, or lang, or shifrin and adams. there is no best book, just one that is good for you

    also free notes by ruslan sharipov. or finite dimensional vector spaces, by paul halmos.

    or my free webnotes.
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    Apologies for bumping an old thread.

    I've seen Hoffman & Kunze being suggested alot, but that it is expensive new.

    http://www.play.com/Books/Books/4-/1744158/-/Product.html?searchstring=hoffman+and+kunze&searchsource=0 [Broken]

    £14 from Play.com.
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    ... found my way here by googling "best linear algebra book". The book I used in my first course at a university was Anton & Rorres, and that one does not answer my occasional linear algebra queries anymore. Thanks for the recommendation of Hoffman & Kunze. I'll try it if I can find it at a reasonable price (The current price at the link to play.com is 98 EUR :( ).
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    amazon.com has it cheaper.
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    I like Axler's http://linear.axler.net/" [Broken] for an applied treatment. Note that the website for the latter book has free downloadable PDFs of all chapters plus the solution manual, for personal use.
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    Halmos' Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces is my personal favorite... then for Abstract Algebra go with MacLane's Algebra
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