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Best place to ask thermodynamics questions

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    What an awesome site. Well I was wondering, i have some thermodynamics physical chem related questions to ask, where is the best place to ask them? are any of you good at thermodynamics, are there any experts here?
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    Perhaps in the https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=9 [Broken].
    There's also Dr. Michio Kaku's Forum. This one is more about out there physics I think but I'm sure selfAdjoint(the mod for that forum) could help you.
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    You can always use the search function too incase there is already a thread in regards to your questions.

    And Welcome to PF by the way.
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    thanks for the welcome, yeah i'll be sure to check out the forums you suggested as well as other ones
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    You could ask them in either General Physics or General Chemistry. I think you'll get a better/faster response in General Physics though. The exception is if they are about homework problems, then ask them in the college level homework help section.
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