Best way to connect 8 wires together?

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In summary, an electrical housing is the best place to put a circuit like this. It's out of the way and it can handle a lot of current.f
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Okay this may seem like a basic question. I was wondering what would be the best way to connect 8 wires to a single wire. Here's a simple diagram that shows what I'm trying to do:

I've been looking around and I've found things like this:

Although it seems that there is no larger one that can support 8 wires. What is the correct way to attach multiple wires together? Should I just daisy chain multiple of these, or is there a better way?

Thanks! :wink:

Moderator's note: Addtional information, the question pertains to 24VDC systems.


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Can you not just solder them together? If not, why not?
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Terminal blocks are another solution:

Attach the wires to one side, daisy chain a wire to the other side.


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Without knowing the voltages and current involved no one can really give an accurate answer.
Edit: I now see this is a 24 volt system. DC I assume?
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I've usually used the terminal strips with jumpers on one side for stuff like this, as they are cheap and available.

Another alternative is a buss bar.

Or a terminal block

Or a fuse block, if you need to protect the relay parts.


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If current is limited at the source to a safe value, most anything can work safely. But, the higher the amps that the supply is able to source, the more critical it is to have the connections be mechanically sound so as to not dislodge and touch something that can cause sparks, heat, melting wires, etc.
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I've usually used the terminal strips with jumpers on one side for stuff like this, as they are cheap and available.
Ditto, very convenient, and reliable as long as you do a good job crimping on the spade lugs or lug rings (and optionally solder after crimping).

You can also look at some of the connector systems from Wago. We use their spring-locking splices (like 222-415) for a lot of our AC Mains prototype quick-connects:



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In vacuum tube days of the 60's we'd make a home-brew buss bar.
Mount two insulated mounts , like ChemAir's terminal block, a few inches apart.
Strip some #12 house wire and string it between them.
Solder as many wires as you like to that.

old jim
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1. Clean environment or chemically corrosive atmosphere?
2. In an electrical housing, or in the roof or wall space of a house?
3. Motor vehicle or boat, quiet or with vibration from a motor?
4. Implications of failure; Is it a survival critical circuit?

5. What forms the ground return side of the circuit?
6. What is maximum current from supply?
7. What is maximum current to anyone load?
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  • Nevermind, you want to connect 9 wires, not 8. Go with a terminal block solution. Just use jumpers on the line side.

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