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Best way to hold an object for measurement using multimeter?

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    What is the best way to hold it against multimeter sharp probes? The component is quite small and i want to avoid inaccurate result due to my hands holding it / placing it on the bench top
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    With non-conductive clips, or very carefully. Or try it a few times to see if you get similar results. Or have someone else try to reproduce your measurement.

    ...I honestly don't see why you couldn't have thought of any of those ideas yourself.
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    What do the components look like? You can buy tweezer-type probes for grasping small SMT and other parts:


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    i can't buy the stuff cos i'm just supposed to use the stuff school provides...

    anw i'm asking this cos the color code might say 10K ohms or 1K ohms but the multimeter registers just about 9.1K or 890 ohms ... the tolerance shouldn't be that wide, i'm bad at recognizing colors so that compounds the problem

    using bread board to assemble the circuit
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    Sometimes you can solder (?) or just twist short lengths of wire to the component and use crocodile clips to attach to the ends.
    And - yes - it can be a real pain!!
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