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Bh loop of steel at various ferquencies

  1. Jun 4, 2009 #1

    I am a research student working on high frequency behaviour of inductive couplers. I am looking for BH loops of steel from various frequencies (dc-1MHz) range. Can any body provide this data ?

    Thanks in advance

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    I suggest that you review the equations of eddy current genetationand hysterisis loss in transformer laminations. Here is one reference:
    [Added comment] There is another factor that limits the high frequency behavior of inductors. The speed of light in vacuum is 1/sqrt(e0u0) where e0 and u0 are the permittivity and permeability of free space. In a ferrite, it becomes 1/sqrt(e u e0 u0) so the speed of light, where u and e are the relative permeability and permittivity. So magnetization waves propagate by a factor sqrt(ue) less than the speed of light in ferrite cores. This will limit dimensions of the core.
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    Thanks. Actually I need to calculate the losses in the material from the BH loop for various frequencies. It needs Epstein frame and high frequency current amplifiers to determine those.
    I don't have those experiment setup.
    I think BH loop of a particular material at a fixed frequency and H , will be constant. I am looking for that BH data to put in my model for calculating eddy current loss dynamically

    Any Suggestions ?

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