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Homework Help: BJT amplifier frequency response.

  1. Oct 11, 2007 #1
    Today I did a lab on BJT amplifier frequency response.

    I got the fc1 and fc2,BW and F0 center frequency. The band pass turned out to be asymmetrical.

    What i want to know is this.
    Input V=40mVpp
    output V=2Vpp
    cut off V=1.41Vpp

    When I turned up the frequency to 2fc2, i got about 0.84Vpp and 4fc2=0.47Vpp.

    Theoretically 8fc2 would have yielded 0.235Vpp correct? No problem.

    When i did fc1/2 i got 0.58Vpp and fc1/4 0.22Vpp. I guess there are reasons at such a low frequency why i wouldnt get half of 0.58Vpp.

    My question is between the 4 values that I have told you, what are the relationships between fc1/2 and 2fc2.....and... fc1/4 and 4fc2.

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