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Black Hole Detonation

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    I've seen many threads similar, but none addressing this particular theory.

    I don't know when I came up with this, but I know that a friend of mine, and at least one member of XKCD forums did as well. So...

    The idea is that there are one or more universes outside our own, though pretty much identical in all respects (same laws of physics, etc), and that these universes have black holes. Once these black holes absorb so much matter, crossing a specific density threshold, they burst, releasing all of their matter into the universe that said black holes are in.

    I know this cyclical, but perhaps the precise limit of a black hole's capacity is all of the matter in the universe, as only said matter would be spread out after the black hole ruptured.

    Continuing on this idea, perhaps our "universe" is not separate from the universes existing before or after it, but are in reality occupying the same space-time. Maybe if the black hole consumes all of the matter in the universe (as stated above, its threshold capacity), it bursts (the Big Bang), and the matter in our "universe" is superimposed onto the space-time of the previous "universe."

    Any thoughts?
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