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Blank diameter for a torispherical dish?

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    How can i calculate the blank dia required for a torispherical dish?Please share any formulas if you have..

    OD=1332 MM
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    Using a lot of algebra. Have you tried assuming the plate thickness is constant and that volume is conserved?
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    yes, thickness is constant and volume is conserved..
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    Google ' torispherical dish calculations '
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    It's not actually all that difficult .

    Take a diametral section through the dish and 'unroll' it back to flat .

    If dish is made by any normal process which preserves constant and original thickness then diameter of blank as derived above will be on safe side of minimum needed .

    In production or for one off's that were critical a manufacturer would either do a test piece or use experience of many previous jobs and trim basic blank diameter to get a little nearer to exact size needed .
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    Will you shape the flat circle into a torispherical dish by pressing, by metal spinning or by some other process?
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