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Homework Help: Blood pressure problem

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    okay having trouble setting up the formula for this one! So if someone could just tell me what formula to use that would be awesome.

    What minimum blood pressure in mmHg at the heart is required to produce an artial blood pressure of 59 mmHg in the brain if the brain is 34 cm above the heart and blood density is 1.05g/cm^3. You may neglect pressure drops due to resitance.

    Formula I've been attemting to use:
    First I tried P(heart)=P(brain)-(height)(p which is blood density)(g)
    Didn't work so tried P= hpg/P(brain)
    then tried P=P(brain)/hpg

    Answer should be 85.3mmHg
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    There's a similar problem posted earlier...I gave you the advice to use the formula that u have,but pay attention with the units.

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