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Bode plot axes

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    Is the x-axis of a Bode plot supposed to be angular frequency omega or just the frequency f? The y-axis is in dB. Thanks!
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    Usually when I draw it on paper, I have it in angular frequency [rads/sec] (log scaled). The y axis is 20 log (|H(jw)|) [dB].
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    hi, i would like know how to set the range on the axis? for an example i want to plot a nyquist plot with the range of x-axis is from -0.08 to 0.02 and the range of y-axis is from -0.2 to 0.2. (with the system G =(5s + 200)/((s)*(s^2 +4s + 10)*(s^2 + 10s + 150))....

    please help me out here if anyone knows how to write in the m.file(MATLAB)....thanks
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums! For future reference, whenever you have something like this (a somewhat related question that nevertheless does not directly follow from the previous items) you really ought to start a new thread, not resurrect one that's 4 years old!

    In any case, take a look in this thread:

    (Second mention in less than 3 hours!)
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    sorry about that :)
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