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    I'm having a hard time with the Irodov problems in General physics, especially with some of the last multistep problems as well as the waves/optics section, mainly because there are more advanced applications of extended object momentum, non-inertial frame, gyroscopic motion that I haven't learnt yet.

    Is there a rigorous undergrad level book that has many worked examples and can supplement well the Irodov Problems in General Physics?

    I have the Resnick Halliday, but its treatment seems way too simplistic for me to tackle olympiad level problems like those on Irodov.

    Here are the topics I need to strengthen:

    1. Extended object mechanics (as well as kinematic relationships between interacting objects, which is widely used on pulley problems in Irodov)
    2. non-inertial frames (was well as Work-Energy theorem in non-inertial frame)
    3. Optics (especially the E&M aspect of optics)
    4. gyroscopic motion
    5. angular momentum

    Some problems I have a hard time, include:
    - rolling object hits a corner,
    - 2 mass connected by a spring are accelerated by a force
    - 2 masses connected by a spring vertically and both leaving the ground after releasing the spring??
    - hideous pulley problems

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