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Books on history of oscilloscope

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    I'm quite curious about the history and development of oscilloscopes.

    Are there any recommended books on this topic?
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    Abramson, Albert (1995), Zworykin, pioneer of television, University of Illinois Press, ISBN 0-252-02104-5
    Burns, R. W. (1998), Television: an international history of the formative years, IET, ISBN 0-85296-914-7
    Hawkins, Nehemiah (1917), "Chapter 63: Wave Form Measurement", Hawkins Electrical Guide, 6 (2nd ed.), Theo. Audel and Co.
    Kularatna, Nihal (2003), "Chapter 5: Fundamentals of Oscilloscopes", Digital and Analogue Instrumentation – Testing and Measurement, Institution of Engineering and Technology, ISBN 978-0-85296-999-1
    Spitzer, Frank; Howarth, Barry (1972), Principles of Modern Instrumentation, New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, ISBN 0-03-080208-3

    Oscilloscope history:

    “The History and Technology of Oscilloscopes”, plus 31 references:
    http://ltodi.est.ips.pt/joseper/IM/História%20dos%20Osciloscópios.PDF [Broken]
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