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Boomilever design help

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    I have to design a boomilever for a class i am in. I do not know the requirements yet. I have never built any thing like this before and have not taken calculus. Can any one help me find teh right design to do that will hold a sufficient amount of weight. There are 6 kids in my class and we all have to build one then see whos holds the most weight.

    If you fwould rather just email tha is okay saxonwj@gmail.com

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    here is the requirements

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    Welcome to PF, Sax.
    With no specific insult toward your teacher, that is probably the singular most spectacularly useless spec sheet that I've ever seen.
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    I'm assuming boomilever is a portmanteau of boom and cantilever.

    As this is homework, we can't really give you answers, just point you in the right direction. I've got a few questions/things for you to think about.

    Can you do any materials testing?
    Do you get any credit for testing?
    Do you know how you can load a beam? (ie bending, compression, tension etc)
    Is there a standard attachement method to bolt this to the wall?
    The loading (I can't really read the sheet). Is there one location that it's tested from (7"-9?" from the wall) that you chose by putting a hole there. Or can it be tested at any point from 7"-9?"?

    There are more questions I wanted to ask, but I can't remember them at the moment.
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    I believe we can not do any material testing. I do not know how to load a beam. I thik there may be a standard attachment method but am not sure we will talk about it today in classs. I believe it has to be tested at the very end, but it is our choce weather to make it a min of 7in or the max of 9in i do not know which is better or somewhere in the middle.
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    Have you come across tension and compression in class? Have you ever done a free body diagram?

    I think the best way to go about this once I know what you know/don't know, is to talk about loading first and then talk about the material that you are going to use.
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    We have not goen over tension and pressure in the class and yes i will post my drawings up later tonight.
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