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I Bosons at very high temperature

  1. Jul 10, 2016 #1
    Will all particles be in excited state in boson condensate if temperature approach infinity?
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    I believe you only have a bose-einstein condensate at very, very low temperatures. Beyond this the particles transition to another state.
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    Ok thanks. But what if temperature is below critical temperatute?? Will all particles will come to ground state?? I mean all particles!!
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    Suppose we have created bose einstein condensate. Now we increase the temperature approaching infinity. Will all particle reside in excited state?
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    I really can't say. I would expect so, as it would seem to be a requirement that in order for the condensate to undergo a phase transition all the particles would need to be excited to other states. But I know very little about the details of bose-einstein condensates.
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    Your series of question is rather puzzling.

    You seem to think that there is this various levels of energy within the BE condensate, very much like the energy levels in an atom. Can you tell me where you got such information from?

    As the temperature of the condensate gets higher, there will be less number of particles that are in the BE state. At some point, if the temperature is high enough, there will be none. There are no "higher energy state" within the BE condensate.

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