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Boundary conditions for temperature distribution

  1. Aug 6, 2014 #1
    Hi there

    Can any one tell what is the meaning of boundary conditions for temperature distribution in a flowing viscous fluid in a pipe ?
    for example I need some one explane for me this:
    T = T1 at r = R, x<0
    T = T0 at x = 0, r<R
    where T1 is a temperature of well and T0 is a temperature of fluid entering the pipe .
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    I think you mean: T = T1 at r = R, x>0.

    What they're saying is that the tube wall and the fluid temperatures are both T0 for x<0, and that the tube wall temperature suddenly rises discontinuously to T1 at x = 0, and stays at that value for all x > 0.

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