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Braking Formulas for Heavy Trucks

  1. Nov 17, 2013 #1
    I am working on virtual modeling, simulation & analysis of Heavy Trucks with Adams/truck.

    I need to check the Braking distance at Emergency Braking , I found some results from my simulation , Now I need the fundamentals of braking formula to know more about the theory , please help to find:

    1) Relationship between (Formula) : Truck weight (m: mass), Wheel Normal Force , Braking force ,Braking torque , Friction coefficient (μ )

    2) Min braking force that lock up Wheels , how it change with truck load? I mean the braking force that need to lock up the wheels is different for empty & fully loaded Truck??

    3) Weight effect on Braking force that cause wheel lock up

    If there is any books or publication refer
    Please give me some ideas to connect my analysis results with theory.
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