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Medical Broken nose?

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    Broken nose???

    I think I have broke my nose several times, but I'm not sure. I have several lengthy stories as to why I think so, too, but now I have a bump on the top of my nose where it looks like the bone is pushing up or something. It used to hurt but this has been several years ago, so I feel no pain. I guess my question is how do I know if I broke it and if so, is there a way to fix it, or is that just my nose and it's totally normal???
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    Re: Broken nose???

    If the lump is in the middle of the nose (nasal bridge), then it's possible the cartilage broke and has calcified. I also have similar injuries from my teen years.

    One time, a co-worker was explaining that I would feel no pain if the cartilage was broken, as might happen if I got a glancing blow to the nose. We were walking together when he spontaneously through a punch sideways in order to demonstrate such a blow. His fist hit my nose - and we proved him correct. :rolleyes: He apologize profusely while I stopped the bleeding and continued to work. The place where the cartilage detached didn't hurt, but the boney part behind it did.
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    Re: Broken nose???

    Yep, that's where it's at. My mom was going to take me to the doctor to see if he might be able to break it to fix it, but I've been to scared to do it. I kinda figure if it doesn't hurt, then I'll be ok, 'til I think I really need something done.
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