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Hows the PF stock doing? is it proportional or inversely proportional to the thread count? same for DOW average?
Down to a record low of 18! Great job everyone!
16. Without your new thread (now answered) we would have been at 15 :p.


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Right you are ! Bet you got lots of conversations thrown at you for having your signature on these bumps. Is there a watchdog on the bot, or do the mentors have to do that ?


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How come y'all seem to be so happy about that ? :rolleyes: Is PF falling into disuse ?


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Is it possible to introduce a distinction between "no replies" and "unanswered"? What I mean is, I made a thread the other day, and for reasons of clarity made a 2nd post, which now means my thread no longer shows up in "unanswered threads" despite in no way actually being answered. It seems "clear" to me that, even if a thread has "replies", if they're all the OP, it's still part of the "question asking". (In my case I was still within the Edit timeframe, so I could have appended Post #2 to it, but let's not forget that the Edit window is, for its own reasons, tightly restricted.)

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