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Buffer solution capacity determination

  1. Aug 24, 2012 #1
    I have 3 buffer solutions with 3 components each and 3 buffer solutions with 2 components. I want to compare the capacities.

    But first I want to understand what exactlycapacity is and how can I calculate it! I have this page:


    1) Consider eq. 9.10. for calculating buffer capacity:


    How can one do a sum of Kw/[H] + [H]?
    Wouldn't it make you count two variables with different units? Like L/mol plus mol/L?

    2) if I calculate buffer capacity β using this formula what would I get? The amont of strong base or acid needed to add to 1L of buffer solution to change pH by 1 unit? Or not?

    Some wise words would be appriciated. A lot.
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