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Building a Maglev Train Prototype

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    1. Hi, I am currently doing a project which the main objective is to build an miniature Maglev Train Prototype and compare its performance with a Conventional Train.

    2. I am having a big problem in the propulsion system of the Meglev Train which is the long stator linear synchronous motor. Where and how can I get this long stator linear synchronous motor?

    3. I planned to make the winding of stator by myself, but I have no idea how to do it? Is it possible to do it?
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    Maybe settle for a linear induction motor? You do have 3 phase power available? If not, maybe try a 2 phase linear motor.
    Evidently it is quite simple, in principle. Lots of youtube links; start here. Note the row of bolts used as magnetic cores.


    Good luck. :smile:
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