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Building Precise Machine in Home

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    I am interested in building precise machine in home. I don't have a clear idea of what the machine looks like yet. But it involves high precision to do calculation.

    Is it possible to build such machine myself in home? What tool do I need to use?
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    I would suggest seeing if your local community college offers a machine shop class.
    Precision machining has some skill involved. Best not try to reinvent the wheel.
    Learning how others do things will go a long way towards success. Precision also means different things to different people.
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    OK. I mean precision as in precision engineering. The kind of precision that is required in building the finished electronic product like handphone and laptop.
    Those manufacturers have sophisticated technology and machinery to build the product.
    I know it is impossible to grasp everything about the technology and the process.
    What I am interested in is the fundamental technique to achieve that kind of precision.
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