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News Bush solution to Social Security?

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    Is the flu vaccine shortage really a solution to the Social Security problem? :rofl:

    http://tomburka.com/archives2/2004_10.php#000675 (Caution: humor)

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    The guy's name is Thomson, not Thompson. That lockbox line is hilarious. A modest proposal. Do I sense him becoming a little frustrated with his role as a Bush yes-man?
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    I think you ought to tell folks that this is a joke. Someone might actually believe it...I nearly did !
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    When I saw the "(Caution: humor)" I realized it was in fun...but then I saw a serious response and questions whether the humor was that someone was actually saying this Ala nader or if it really was "humor"....
    At any rate, I would suggest "Thompson" has it wrong...the policies that created the shortfall were started way back during the Clinton admin...and since they were all in the opinion that Gore would win ...I think it surely must be what Kerry was referring to in the debate when he said that they had "fixed medicare" :rofl:
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