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Calculating angular speed of a ball after collision

  1. Jun 20, 2015 #1
    I've been wondering is there anyway of calculating the angular speed of a ball after there is a collision of it and another mass. For example a baseball bat hitting the ball. I have not looked up on angular momentum, but is angular momentum involved in this? Based on common sense, I think that the spin of the baseball is made from the friction between the baseball and the bat. Is this true?
    Which area/concept of physics is involved in this calculation?
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    That is not a predictable situation, the rotation of the ball depends on how far above or below the centerline of the ball the bat makes contact with. Another example is where you strike the cue ball with the tip of your pool stick in billiards, above the centerline and the cue ball spins faster than it would spin simply rolling. Hit it below the centerline and the cue will spin opposite the direction it rolls. You would have to arrange a predictable scenario with precise mass, velocity, rotation and trajectory of the ball as well as the force imposed by the bat at whatever point of contact and estimate the elasticity of the collision just to obtain an approximate result.
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