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A Calculation of friction stresses between 2 materials

  1. Jan 9, 2017 #1
    Dear All,
    I am looking for a method to calculate the friction stresses created in 1 mm thick, fully supported, slide of soda-lime silica glass.

    In this experiment a 1/4" ball bearing of various metals is being translated over the glass surface under a constant load of 2000g. The glass slide is then being tested to evaluate the breaking force in order to ascertain if the metal damaged the glass surface.

    In a further experiment I have evaluated the static coefficient of friction between the 1/4" ball bearing and the glass.

    What I am interested in is to evaluate the friction stresses as these are related to the creation of damage on the glass surface.
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    Have you considered just the stresses caused by normal loading of the bearing on the slide at 2000 gm without friction? It's a pretty complicated contact loading stress analysis problem to analyze, and that's much simpler than the case with friction included. Look up "spherical indenters" on Google.
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