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Can a thermoelectric cooler be used as a thermoelectric generator?

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    The title should be self explanatory, the only reason I ask this is because thermoelectric coolers are ridiculously cheap compared to a thermoelectric generator.

    Is there anything I need to check when using a cooler as a generator, I am expecting temperatures on the cold to be around 20C and hot around 200C. Would high temperatures damage the coolers even though are rated high enough?
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    I am afraid the energy conversion is irreversible in the thermoelectric cooler. It is like as one cannot generate electricity by cooling a freon refrigerator.
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    jim hardy

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    i believe it is reversible
    but inefficient

    get one and give it a try.

    the thermocouple effect works both ways

    but any fans or active electronics will have to be dealt with separately.
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    Thermoelectric cooler is inefficient by itself. If a reverted action is possible, according to logics, the inefficient thermoel. cooler could be turned into an efficient electricity generator ?!
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    jim hardy

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    a not very efficient one i would think.

    It'd be of course limited by Carnot efficiency, difference between hot and cold sources.

    A google search on 'thermo electric generator efficiency' took me to several outfits selling them. They're more practical than i thought.

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