Can any DC 12v or 24v motor be put on a speed control?

I have an operation where I need to reduce the speed of a 24v DC bilge blower. My question is: Can I put any 12volt or 24volt DC motor on a speed controller and reduce the speed of the blower/motor without damaging the motor, creating an unsafe/over-heating condition, or without reducing the power/efficiency/performance of the motor? Thanks,JJ
you might try a pulse width modulation set up, depending on what your using as a controller for the motor, ive done this before but only on small scale. hope this helps.
Any idea where I can get a pulse controller like this? Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. I am a real newbie at this.
There are special triac (motor-rated) speed control units for 120 V ac/dc (brush) motors. You could put this upstream of a voltage reducing transformer. For reducing DC you could use a linear adjustable voltage regulator or a more efficient adjustable DC - DC (PWM) converter. What kind of power and current are you talking about?
I don't know of any place you can acquire the controllers because when i did it i used a 68hc12 microcontroller that i programmed myself to create the pulse width modulated signal depending on how fast i wanted the motor to run. you might try looking online at controllers that you can program yourself then try and find some idea as to the code thats needs to be written. And i guess the other thing is what is the currents you are working with.

you must realize that if you decide to try and program a controller yourself that isolation circuits will be need as dc motors can create emf spikes that will fry your controller.
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