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I Can anyone tell me if 2009 MS9 is prograde or retrograde?

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    I'm constructing a theory on the origin of extreme trans-neptunian objects.

    Can anyone tell me if 2009 MS9 is prograde or retrograde in its orbit? (and show me where you found this information out). I can't for the life of me find it anywhere.

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    2009 MS9 is prograde in its orbit. Inclinations greater than 90° describe retrograde orbits, thus, an inclination of between 0° and 90° means the orbiting body has a prograde orbit. 2009 MS9 has an inclination of 68.07923°.

    Source: JPL Small-Body Database Browser - 418993 (2009 MS9)
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    Big thanks Glitch! That makes things so much clearer.
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