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Can AUB can be said as a relation or not between A and B sets?

  1. May 5, 2014 #1
    My question is just to ask whether the operations like:-

    AUB is a relation or not?

    in our book it is written that the relations of two sets should be subset of the cartesian product of two sets but i think that relations are those which connects two sets and that can be AUB(A union B) also,because it connects two sets either.

    so,i want to ask whether AUB can be said as a relation or not between A and B sets
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    "AUB" is a string of three symbols without any meaning, unless A, U and B get specified. That should be done where "AUB" is written, not at some random position afterwards.

    That is not the sort of connection you need.
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